Olympia Supply Company - Did the same thing to me. Scam

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Did the same thing to me.Tried calling them phone was disconnected.

they called me today and told me there was a free radio and I almost fell off my chair. they are a scam. Funny I can not ge ahold of them but they new how to get ahold of me.

Do not talk to these people they are fast talkers and from what I see do this to many others.

they insited on talking to my boss and I put him through to her and he told her short and sweet that we will return.she then called back was rude, would not allow me to speak and kept telling me she was going to sue.

I had to hang up

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Olympia Supply Company - Olympia Supply aka Carter Supply

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This company is a scam.They tell you 1 price and charge you another.

I just got charged $258.98 for a case of tape. The tape is not even full rolls. They also sent me a free gift of a Sony alarm clock radio that doesn't work. I do not recommend anyone to deal with this company and it's many names.

Be prepared for verbal abuse when you contact them. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau of California. I have sent the tape back and hope to never hear of them again.

They will call you and offer services.DON"T DO IT.



They are still up to their games! Stay away from these crooks.


Us to.I am ashamed to say how much they ripped out of us.

needless to say it was over $500 for some worthless tape that would not even stick.Oh and yes we never ordered the junk.


We had the same stuff happen to us.How can a place like this still be going in America?

I checked and they are a real business with a building and everything. The BBB has a giant number of complaints for this same scam involving this same company. What is going in America to allow this?

I guess Californa is so broke they cannot enforce businesses like this that break the law?:upset






Crazy how this place still operates after all the negative things people have to say.Oh and yes they sent us a crazy over prices case of tape too.

We never ordered the *** and wanted nothing from them.Keep Away from these people !!


Same thing happened here almost exactly.We are keeping the tape and are considering sending a big fat TURD in the reply envelope along with their invoice.

Maybe they can squeeze some payment out of that and just maybe that fat witch Shirley who is their debt collector and owner and eat it for dinner.:grin


Definitely a SCAM - we had a fill-in for our receiving dock personnel who unfortunately signed for a case of tape...and they keep sending them! We're sending our attorney after them!


They just tried to scam us.First, we got a call from "Lisa" from "Carter Supply" who called me honey many times.

She made it sound like we had been ordering clear tape from them for a long time and said they were getting ready to ship us 2 rolls and because of our "continued patronage" a free alarm clock. She gave me a FedEx Number to give to the man that would be calling from shipping. After this, I thought it sounded fishy, so I talked to people in the office. Never heard of them.

About five minutes later, a man calls (who sounds like the worst kind of sleazy scammer - I mean, worse than mall kiosk hasslers)and says he's from the shipping dept. I hang up. Do some research, turns out, yeah, they are a scam.

Hilarious start to a day though.Thanks for the laughs.


If you are late in payment just by days you have someone call that is not nice and if you think about it harrasment right this compnay is not worth anyones time.


This company is definitely a scam.They called to ask what kind of tape we use and then proceeded to tell us they'd send us a free catalog and gift.

Low and behold a box of tape showed up and they want payment for something we didn't order.

They said they will refuse to pay the shipping to ship it back too.DO NOT USE!

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Olympia Supply Company - Tape shipped with "free radio"

Washington, District Of Columbia 1 comment

This company called someone in our production area and put their name on the purchase order for a box of 2" packaging tape.I called and talked to Shirley and she threatened me with a lawsuit if we didnt pay.

I talked to the person in production and they had no idea about a tape order - only that someone called and asked his name and promised a free radio. DO NOT PAY these people. This is a old scam that has been tried many different ways.

Not sure what else you can do - Maybe the BBB?Either way its a low life way to make a buck.

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Same stuff here.How can a place like this still be going in America?

If the BBB does not shut them down I am going to hire some local gang members to do it for me.I rather invest $1,000.00 to get rid of them rather than deal with them.

Olympia Supply Company - Victim of Fraud

Los Angeles, California 0 comments

Scam- Olympia Supply Company in 2831 N. San Fernando, Burbank CA 91504-2521

We received a package of tapes 2" Clear that we have not ever order with them.

We do not want the package who are they trying to scam.

They will get what they deserve. I have been calling them an only answer machine picks up I left several messages and no one has return my phone call. I need to return this box we do not want to purchase, and besides all of our orders are by P.O. #.

They will get what they deserve. I' am very upset !!!!

Olympia Supply Company - Big Hoax

Allentown, Pennsylvania 6 comments

Olympia and Delta are a bunch of cons, I to have been subject to both of there scams.I recieved a call from Olympia indicating that they had a order of 2" packing tape shipping to me, and I thought my company had ordered it so I excepted it.

Just today 8/05/08 I recieved yet another call from a guy named Jim Tomas, he thanked me for sent in a survey card and that I would be receiving a "WONDERFUL" pocket knife for a order of 2" packing tape, like I need another knife. I started to tell him to take me off of there calling list, but as soon as I started to say anything Jim said "OH" and hung up on me.This is just another way they try to scam you. I have told everyone from both companies to take me off of there calling list, but that hasn't happened, they continue to waste my time.

I hope they get what is coming to them.



Seems that I caught them in this same scam.We don't pay anything until we are sure its an invoice we owe.

This kind of scam happens way to often. I guess I get the last laugh though... I have the tape and they are not getting paid. Shirley is having fits with me, she called me while ago and really called me a lot of filthy names.

I think my laughing at her really bothered her.


Olymia in Burbank CA.Bad folks so beware!


They did the same to us by sending tape.I called them and told them to come get it or we would throw it away and had 2 weeks to do so.

THey danded payment or the would file suite. I told them to do what they needed to do but they had 2 week to arrange to pick up their product. They sent the ups return slips. They called today and wanted to talk to the transportaion supervisor.

Told the trans sup they wanted to talk to the man in charge. I just happened to be walking thru and picked up the phone. Dude said something about a new catalog and I told him not interested.

he said well FU and hung up.What a doushe!!


Dont forget never give your address with outside callers calling your company.Always tell thing to fax in there request and the person in charge of that department will take care of it.

That is the way you will be safe with this company. This is the same thing Delta did last year to us.

They will keep calling you until you pay.Dont forget spend the extra time to report them to comsumer affairs.com and BBB Better Business Bureau.

This company are *** artist.


Call the send all your complaint to the BBB.com Better Business Bureau so they can be stop.I know I will they did it to our company and they want us to pay for the freight on something we didnt order.

It got even worse with me because the person there called me a *** she was upset when I told her I didnt order that and I need here to send me a call tag. And she insisted that we order it.

After a couple aguements she hung up on me twice.Its ok I will make sure everone know about this company.


I also had a run-in with this company.Olympia called me, as I was filling in for the shipping dept.

They told me that the person I was filling in for had ordered this, and they were ready to ship the 2nd part of the order. This person is not authorized to buy anything, so I asked for the PO number, and they said they would call me back with that information. Now, I have 3 cartons of tape, sent to MY attention, and an invoice that we are supposed to pay.

I tried to contact them to get a return authorization, and they "don't know the last name of my sales rep", who just so happened to be out of the office.And they hung up on me!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #26680

I got that call today as well.I knew something was wrong when I said I can't receive gifts I could feel the attitude change.

When I said I would need a sample of 2" tape to make sure it works for our company the person just got rude and said "whatever" and hung up.Isn't there something we can do?

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Olympia Supply Company - Crimal Activity

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Olympia Supply company recieved a check from our company in error for approximately $1900. They not only accepted the check and deposited into their account they refuse to refund or allow us to order against it.

I was horrified to find every empolyee rude and unwilling to help us. I was called names by the emplyees and hung up on more times than I can count. I've been in business for 15 years and never had this many emplyees show disgracful and shameful behavior to a costomer.

We acted in only the most respectful and kind manner, taking responsibilty for our error. Everyone of these people have acted poorly. Each person who works for this dishonest company is accountable and should be prosecuted for theft. We should look out for each other and the best intrest of good business.

Don't give this business a chance to scam you! This has cost our company $1900+. We hope the courts will bring us justice.

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Olympia Supply Company Complaint

Miami, Florida 27 comments
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Olympia Supply Company complaint

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Olympia Supply Company 2831 N. San Fernando Blvd. Burbank CA, 91504-2521 is a company that uses fraudulent ways to *** you into paying for product you never ordered. We got scammed the same way. We were sent a box of 2" tape that we have never had use for or ever order. When I called to have this returned, they told me that we had to pay for the return shipping because this order was confirmed by our company president. Now we know that this is inaccurate because the president was not in the office the day they claim to have confirmed the order with him. Be very careful if you do business with this company. They are conartist looking to make a buck. We were charged $486.58 for a box of 16 rolls of 2" clear packing tape and a free clock radio. That is $30.41 for a roll of tape. Tell me if that doesn't sound like a scam. I wouldn't do business with this company under any circumtances.

Review about: Clear Tape.



Carter's must be out of businesses to bug because they found us 2500 miles to the east in GA.Same thing, sent 2 piles of *** no one ordered along with 2 invoices and we will not pay them.

Heard from them today asking about an August invoice and it turned into a huge *** match and they hung up on us. We've followed the rules laid out for us by the FTC and tried several times to contact them and request a return. We were told that the 1 person who handles any of that either wasn't in, they're always late, unavailable, on the line - something other than being available to answer the call. And then we were hung up on again.

This unprofessional scamming company has some DBA's - 'Olympus Supply' or 'Olympia Supply' also.

Just don't pay them.

They keep it up and we'll send them a bill for wasting our time and demand payment the same BS way they try to do to us.


I know their fakes & frauds,someone please report them to the better business bureau & get then shut down.I worked there a week,never made one sale but got out fast when I saw what they were doing.I had no idea they could be so crooked.


They got me too calling themselves Carter Supply. When I showed my boss the paperwork he knew immediately it was a scam and showed me this website.

2831 N. San Fernando Blvd

Burbank, CA 91504-2521

Tax ID: 95-3319645

Telephone: 818-646-6266

Fax: 818-846-4019

Email: cartersinc2831@gmail.com



Keep the Tape as a free gift and file a BBB complaint with the other 80 pluse complants from the pass couple years. If that does not work then lets get together and used the tape to gag their telephone witch collecter "Shirley"


I just became aware that our store has also been 'taken' by Carters Supply.Everything said so far by others describes exactly how it went.

We have several people handling receiving and the picture did not become clear until they had been paid twice by us. Interestingly, each order is doubled. The first was 4 doz rolls of tape, the second 8, and yup, we just received 16 doz! Am trying to negotiate some kind of return on the basis of totally inferior product that does not work.

(True!) The man hours spent chasing a lost edge of tape that has split makes a roll of tape cost us more than $30 easily!

My main question is has anyone had any success getting either a refund or a call tag from these people?Do we really have to just take this as our loss?


These people called and told one of our employees that they were sending him a free clock radio along with a box of tape that had been previously ordered.He unknowingly said okay and we received the box and radio.

The A/R lady calls and asks for payment status of the invoice. I then proceeded to tell her that her company is using fraudulent and misleading practices to obtain dishonest funds when she became very angry. I hung up on her and she kept calling back so I just kept hanging up - lol. Darn lowlifes just can't work an honest job.

Oh and the invoice was $273.12 for 48 rolls of the thinnest, cheapest looking tape I've ever seen. That's $5.69 a roll.

I can get way better tape for a fraction of that price even buying the rolls individually.I HATE scammers!


This Company now goes by Carter's Supply Company....but they still are trying the same scam.

They sent us tape and a "Free Gift" of a clock radio. If your dock receives a package from this company, refuse it. The accounts receivable woman will become irate when you call her out on the scam and reference pissed consumer.

She will then call you nonstop for 20 mins.Thank you to the previous posters for identifying this SCAM!


They call and ask you your ordering person's name then they ship you tape that you don't even want.They are scam artists.

Do not buy a thing from them.Now we will have to pay shipping to get it back to them and the box is a roll short of what they even said they shipped.


They call and ask you your ordering person's name then they ship you tape that you don't even want.They are scam artists.

Do not buy a thing from them.Now we will have to pay shipping to get it back to them and the box is a roll short of what they even said they shipped.


They also go by the name Carters Supply,same address.You call them, they put you on hold for a long time then transfer you to customers svc via voicemail!!How can that be during busines hours!!

We never ordered 4doz of ppc tape, but tried to sweet talk shipping that Carter supply are sending only samples. We received an order slip that is not our order.

We're sending it back!They have the wrong company to mess with!


This company is a scam.They tell you 1 price and charge you another.

I just got charged $258.98 for a case of tape. The tape is not even full rolls. They also sent me a free gift of a Sony alarm clock radio that doesn't work. I do not recommend anyone to deal with this company and it's many names.

Be prepared for verbal abuse when you contact them. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau of California. I have sent the tape back and hope to never hear of them again.

They will call you and offer services.DON"T DO IT.


Just so everyone knows, add Carters Supply at the same address to the list of names.


This company tried to scam us as well.They went by Carters Supply.

Supposedly called our shipping dept and got him to agree to a box of tape with a "free gift". Sent the box of tape and called looking for payment. When I confronted them about being scammers (I have seen this scam before), she (Shirley) got belligerent and started being insulting. The craziest, most unprofessional thing I have ever heard.

She ultimetely ended up hanging up on me.

DO NOT pay these guys - this is an absolute scam!We will not pay and if we did get the tape, it was free!


they just tried that *** with our company.first it's one box then they call and say oh the order was wrong it should of been this many dozen..

when i called at first they said it was their mistake and there is no charge then our company gets a bill for 500 bucks. i again called to return and i think it was john said just return it on your ups account.

ummmm nope right back at them on their fed ex account.they are jerks.


I am currently being scammed by this company.They continue to call and leave voice messages for me saying my invoice is now due.

Just today, I called back and asked for Shirley and someone puts me on hold and the line just sits for a few minutes.

The one time I spoke to someone I said we would not be returning the product without an RA# and I was hung up on.We received one box of packing tape with a "free" clock radio.


:cry The same thing happened to my company.They said a catalog would be coming out to our location along with a gift.

3 business days later, a box of clear tape and a clock radio arrived. I've tried calling. The operator (Tina) FINALLY answered and said I needed to talk to the Customer Service Manager, Shirley. So, I was transferred.

While I was on the phone, I looked up their website and only noticed scams coming up instead of the company's website. So, I left a message for Shirley because she wasn't in the office. After I left the message, I called the company back. The operator finally answered again and said I NEED to speak to Shirley but she's at lunch and won't be back until 1pm PST.

This is a scam! I received an invoice along with the package but the price just so happens to be blacked out......This is considered a gift because the company said they were sending a catalog along with a gift.

Some people are sooooo sneaky but I'm not falling for it!!!!Ugh!


Can someone help me, I'm new to this and it just happen to me last Thursday, my company received this package sign for it.On Fridays March 05 2010 we were checking on our merchandise and we notice this new package that we did not order, we been calling Olympia to return package and only an answer machine picks up.

PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME BY ADVICING ME ON WHAT TO DO.I would really appreciate it, it really makes me mad people that try to scam or use fraud.


Same situation happened to my company! I spoke to someone in customer service and they were so rude! they hung up the phone on me and cussed out one of my employees!


Nice try on a scam not gonna happen sending it back right now! Can't beleive a company would try to scam someone to make money.



Olympia "got" us too.Tape, a radio, & a $500 bill.

As there was no PO issued it is considered a gift.Thanks for the free stuff!


I had this happen THIS WEEK.Same story as everyone above.

Bottom line they want me to send it back.

Belligerent sales people "Sherry" "Tonya" and a sales person named "Chris" raged about demanding payment.We have no intention of giving in to these strong arm tactics..


My company was also contact indicating a Fee Clock Radio. Just today I received another 2 boxes of tape and we just recieved the other box 2 weeks ago. I am Pissed


A company claiming to be Dynotype called me last week with the same packing tape scam. They hung up when they caught on that I don't order from Dynotype.


The tape scam was done to me as well.I was supposed to get a catalog and sample of the tape as well as the FREE radio.

I checked my UPS quantum view to see if it was sent yet. I noticed that the box was 30 lbs. I contacted them and they said it was 96 rolls of 2 inch tape and was gonna cost $486.58.

I told them to do a delivery intercept because I wasn't going to sign for the UPS package (UPS will return to them).I just want to say THANK-YOU to all of the people who wrote in this forum, you have saved me the headache of dealing with them.

Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania, United States #26558

Olympia got our company on the tape scam back in April.They called offering a catalogue and asked if we used the 2" tape.

After being told that we did, the salesperson said she was going to send us the tape along with a free radio. Our representative asked 2 or 3 times before the call ended if this was free and was told "Yes." In a few days we received a large box containing 96 rolls of the tape and the radio. The next day we received an invoice for 486.58. We have never purchased more than 3 or 4 rolls of this tape at a time because that is all we require.

When we called Olympia about sending it back they said we would have to pay the shipping. We refused since we never place the order for 96 rolls of tape. They said the calls are recorded so we requested a copy of the recording before doing anything else. They said they would have someone in CA look for the recording.

We have never heard from them about that but every month they send a statement. Funny though...after four months the statements say nothing about being "past due" or"remit ASAP" etc. We just contacted them today to inquire about the status of the recording we requested.

Now, they are accusing us of lying, saying that we have never contacted them to dispute this matter when we have made 4 or 5 calls to them.BEWARE of OLYMPIA SUPPLY CO.

Jefferson, Massachusetts, United States #22063

They tried this with us as well.Call your local police dept and file a fraud claim.

We did and they are now working with the Burbank Police Dept on this.They will get what is coming to them shortly.

Maasdijk, South Holland, Netherlands #21156

They just called me and I caught on - There is another one like them, Delta Supply - watch out for both of them

They try to protray themselves as your supplier - No supplier calls you to tell you they are sending a catalouge....bogus

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Olympia Supply Company - Packing Tape *** 2" Packing Tape

Washington, District Of Columbia 4 comments

Olympia Supply Company 2831 N.San Fernando Blvd.

Burbank CA, 91504-2521 is a company that uses fraudulent ways to *** you into paying for product you never ordered. It works like this. They will call to say they are confirming their regular order or 2" packing tape but they just need to verify your name and address (This is the fraud/*** part, you don't have a regular order from Olympia) they then use then name they just got from someone in the company to place on the Bill of Lading. They will send you product that no one ordered and then bill you later at grossly inflated prices.

Such as charging $5.00 a roll for tape that would cost you about 70cents a roll if you sourced it from a legitimate vendor. When you call to tell them you did not order it they will say that the person with the name on the bill ordered it. If you say they did not order the product but only gave their name out over the phone they will immediately turn to harassment and aggressive efforts to collect the bill. This *** is as old as dirt.

If someone sends you something that you did not order, it is considered a gift under federal and state guidelines. You do not have to return it. Beware of these people. They are aggressive *** artists.

Educate your people to direct all cold call vendors to your manager or better yet, hang up.

Stop them cold.

Review about: Packing Tape.



The company that I work for is currently dealing with this outfit.A lady named "Shirley" called our Accounting department, demanding payment.

The lady on our end (who is an old friend of mine) calmly told "Shirley" that we did not order this case of tape. She was unable to get a word in edgewise. Long story short, "Shirley" called my friend a b**ch, and said that she was p***ing her off. Some way to do business.

We have a CORPORATE preferred supplier for packaging tape, and get it for roughly 20% of what Olympia was (IS) trying to get.Also be aware of another "lady" whose name has also floated around....."Iris".


Thanks to everyone here for taking the time to expose the questionable business practices of this company.We got some tape and a coffee maker from them that we did not order and will not pay for.

The Better Business Bureau has numerous complaints against them.

What a crew.Cheers!

Getzville, New York, United States #32923

You people crack me up.Did you not realize you were leaving the site?

Did you not enter your own information. Did you not read up before your cheap *** realized what was going on. I don't see how you were scammed. You signed up on your own.

Have you ever gone to a website bought something and somebody advertises? Yes its called ebay, amazon, etc. You should take accountability. You fugged up not them.

Didn't your parents teach to read something before you sign it?Idiots I swear.

Brookfield Center, Ohio, United States #15983

I failed to mention but it should be obvious.Do not pay them under any circumstances.

Their threats have no teeth.Watch your bills carefully.

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